Why does the AC in my car smell? Have you noticed that your vehicle’s air conditioning is starting to have a funny smell coming from the vents when it is on? There are a few possibilities as to why this is happening. The number one concern that we see here at Tinley Auto Repair is a relatively simple fix – replacement of your cabin air filter. Cabin air filters do just that, filter the air coming into the cabin area. Depending on where you drive or park your vehicle will determine how often this filter needs to be replaced. It is definitely recommended to replace it long before it looks like the one in the picture! The second concern that will cause a musty odor is a clogged drain. During the air conditioning process, condensation is produced and must be safely drained from the system. If the drain gets clogged, water can sit in areas of the system and stagnate causing the smell. The vehicle will need to be raised on a lift to access it, but the drain should be checked and any obstructions removed. If you do have any concerns with your vehicle, please make an appointment with us today.