Suspension Repair in Tinley Park, IL

When Do You Need Suspension Repair?

You enjoy your drive through Tinley Park thanks to the suspension system. But as shock absorbers and struts continually absorb bumps and dips, they will wear over time, and ride comfort will be diminished. Ignoring suspension repairs not only negatively affects ride comfort, but can lead to excessive tire wear, decreased stability, and handling.

Common suspension repair symptoms include:

  • Vehicle constantly bounces while running or when parked
  • Vehicle drits when turning
  • Vehicle nose dives too much when braking
  • Uneven tire treads

Experiencing these warning signs require immediate attention. Getting your suspension system repaired as soon as possible will save you time and money down the road.

Thorough Suspension Inspections

At our shop, we’ll provide an inspection of your suspension system when you notice it’s unusual response. By bringing it in, we ensure we’ll find the problems and if necessary, find related issues such as a possible steering system failure. You’ll need to know why you’re experiencing these symptoms. After repairs, we’ll provide another test to ensure nothing fails. We want to make sure your vehicle can handle any obstacle on the road with proper suspension support.

Honest Diagnosis and Communication

Before we do any repairs, we’ll be honest with you after performing any diagnostics on your vehicle. Understanding the condition of your suspension system can be overwhelming, which is why we’ll thoroughly explain why you’re experiencing the excessive bounce or nose dive while braking. You can trust us we know what suspension repairs must be done. So before you spend any money on repairs, we want you to understand that we care for your safety first and foremost. Afterwards, we’ll get your approval for repairs and get to work as soon as possible.

Experienced Professionals Providing Quality Suspension Repair

Our family-owned business has been serving families and residents of Tinley Park since 1970. We at Tinley Auto Repair & Towing will provide you the best suspension repairs when the time comes.

Whether you own a car, truck, van or a SUV, our ASE-Certified Technicians will provide the repairs you can rely on. From replacing shock absorbers, repairing the steering linkage, and to replacing the control arms, every component of your vehicle’s suspension system is vital.

We are also able to provide quality OEM or aftermarket parts for your vehicle’s suspension repairs with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.

Convenience During your Repair

While we work hard on your vehicle, we want you to enjoy your stay in our family-friendly environment here at Tinley Auto Repair & Towing. By doing so, we’ll provide the following amenities and conveniences to make you feel right at home:

  • Comfortable waiting area for you and your family
  • Free Wifi
  • Local shuttle service
  • Vehicle pick-up and delivery

We look forward to meeting you! Conveniently schedule your appointment online or give us a call, and one of our friendly staff members will gladly assist you.