Timing Belt Replacement in Tinley Park, IL

When to Replace your Timing Belt?

The timing belt can break at any moment when maintenance and inspections are neglected. So it’s always a good idea to perform a visual check to see if your timing belt is experiencing any of the following:

  • Belt Abrasion
  • Cracking
  • Glazing
  • Pilling
  • Hydroplaning
  • Elongation
  • Misalignment

Noticing any of these warning signs can indicate that you may need the timing belt replaced. Be sure to schedule an appointment for an inspection by one of our friendly technicians.

Quality Timing Belt Replacements From Tinley Park’s Experienced Professionals

From cars, trucks, vans and to SUVs, we have performed timing belt inspections and timing belt replacements since 1970. Our ASE-Certified Technicians have provided honest and quality maintenance check-ups, engine repairs and timing belt replacements. We hold a variety of skill sets many from Tinley Park can rely on.

When you bring your vehicle to our shop to get a timing belt replaced, we’ll be sure to provide an inspection to your engine as well. We’ll pay close attention to every component that the time belt works for and that the engine is also capable of performing how it should.

Honest communication after performing all diagnostics on vehicles comes first. We understand how crucial the timing belt is to your engine so if there are any issues, you’ll be informed. We’ll communicate with you thoroughly to explained the condition of the belt, to how it can affect the engine’s performance. You can trust us to give you specific details on the timing belt replacement and how it solves any issues with the engine you may be unaware of. We want you to understand we are more concerned about your safety and your vehicle’s performance before you spend any money.

Tinley Auto Repair & Towing, we want to perform the best repair for you and your family. Your replacement will be a high quality timing belt to ensure dependable and lasting operation without the concern of premature failure.

Caring For Our Customers Here At Tinley Auto Repair & Towing

While we work hard on your vehicle, we want you to enjoy your stay in our family-friendly environment here at Tinley Auto Repair & Towing. By doing so, we’ll provide the following amenities and conveniences to make you feel right at home:

  • Comfortable waiting area for you and your family
  • Free Wifi
  • Local shuttle service
  • Vehicle pick-up and delivery

We look forward to meeting you! Conveniently schedule your appointment online or give us a call, and one of our friendly staff members will gladly assist you.